Exchange EDB to PST Converter Tool by Stellar – Review

I have been approached by one of my friend to look into the Stellar EDB to PST Converter tool and write a review. I am pleased to see the great feature this tool has with very minimal efforts After couple of test performed into it. Now – I understand that why its been rated one... Continue Reading →

How to track account locked out in TMG 2010 SP2

Started noticing that few AD accounts are getting locked out within Active Directory where the source, as per the monitoring reports shows that the TMG Servers of your environment, which is working as a reverse proxy for mobile clients. An account lockout occurs after several failed authentication attempts that are made by incoming web proxy or web... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Diagnostics Services—Self-Help

The "Fix it Center Pro" name and its associated portal is retired now and are replaced by the Microsoft Diagnostics Services—Self-Help portal. The new portal is an automated troubleshooting service from Microsoft. This service can help make it easier to identify solutions to problems with Microsoft applications. Microsoft Diagnostics Services—Self-Help uses targeted analysis to scan your... Continue Reading →

Dude, I only want to export “Dumpster” in New-MailboxExportRequest

To export the only "Dumpster" items in mailbox in exchange 2010 SP2/SP3. you can use below cmdlet. Export CMDLet : [PS] C:\>New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox AliasMBX -FilePath \\anil04\Share\Dumpster.pst -IncludeFolder "#Recoverable Items/Deletions#" To see the export status : [PS] C:\>Get-MailboxExportRequest -Identity AliasMBX\MailboxExport To Import item into Dumpster back : [PS] C:\new-mailboximportrequest -mailbox AliasMBX -filepath \\anil04\Share\Dumpster.pst -IncludeFolder "#Recoverable Items/Deletions#" -TargetRootFolder  "Dumpster"

RBAC – How to control Management Mailbox access

We had requirement to enable RBAC permission model where we can assign few selective exchange Administrators to access higher management mailbox (Security Concern :)) To achieve this goal, I am going through to explain you step by step. 1. Create two Distribution Group B7_Supporters – This group consists members those are allowed to access management... Continue Reading →

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