GOT this ? Your site cannot participate in WordAds program

How to solve, The warning message, while you are applying to Join WordAds program with your "Premium" website/blogs account?

Goals for My Blog !

I heard quite often this statement "Every problems come with an opportunity" and I do firmly believe this, and tested at my litmus test. So thanks to COVID-19 which enabled many of us IT folks to work from home and have some spare time. I have started using this free time to share my technical... Continue Reading →

Gotcha with Microsoft Teams Admin Roles access!

The Teams Communication administrator can not manage the calling policy, Direct routing, phone number inventory assignment and Analytics and reports using Microsoft Teams admin center. Few of the setting/policy only can be manage via Skype for Business Power shell module.

Managing Microsoft 365 workloads responsibility

In this blog post I will talk about the way to effectively managing the M365 workloads within multiple IT teams and learn how to maintain the thin line between R&R. Administrator ┬áhave access to sensitive data and files, hence Microsoft recommend that you follow the guidelines to keep your organization's data more secure and define... Continue Reading →

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