RBAC – How to control Management Mailbox access

We had requirement to enable RBAC permission model where we can assign few selective exchange Administrators to access higher management mailbox (Security Concern :)) To achieve this goal, I am going through to explain you step by step. 1. Create two Distribution Group B7_Supporters – This group consists members those are allowed to access management... Continue Reading →

Cool Exchange Blog sites

I Just came across one link on The Exchange Team Blog, where you can hit all famous blogger site. Lots of them I have already covered in my site Blog role 🙂 !! Enjoy Reading !!! Exchange Blogs Sites

Exchange 2010 SP3 Managment Tools on Windows 8 X64

Exchange 2010 SP3 Management Tools on Windows 8 X64 is allowed. Microsoft is working on to update supportability matrix. The Next Question comes about prerequisite to install admin tool. Yes, I Just moved without it and got below screen   Need to install IIS component below IIS 6 Managment Compatibility IIS Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility... Continue Reading →

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